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In the beginning…

Estate Agency began years ago when the rich would employ someone to look after their properties and land as managers. They would later become involved in their sale. At the time, very few owned property and selling an estate required the agent to advertise and auction large houses, land, livestock, estate cottages and outbuildings. Today, more people than ever own property in the UK and selling a house or flat is not much different to selling a car! Very few people today own a large estate, which begs the question, “why do Estate Agents still exist”?



Selling a house in England and Wales is more about online advertising than sales skills. According to the top property websites, it is estimated that over 80% of house sales originate from an online search. Very few buyers today, walk into Estate Agent shops or read newspapers to buy a property.

Introducing Soldboard

The idea is simple!

Soldboard gives house owners in England and Wales wishing to sell their property, access to millions of house buyers online through the rightmove.co.uk website.

It also gives you direct contact with registered buyers through Soldboard and its Twitter followers.


Better still, using the same tools as any High Street Estate Agent now comes without the high commission costs and expense of using an agent, with a simple advertising cost after an initial registration fee of £99, of just £19.99 per week!



Save Money

Most Estate Agents charge percentage fees to sell a property. Usually this is a percentage of the house value. For example, a commission fee charged by an Estate Agent of 1.50% of a house sold at £250,000 would be a cost of £3750. Add to that, Energy Performance Certificates which agents often charge about £100 for and of course VAT on the fee, could add up to a cost to the house seller of over £4600!

Selling through Soldboard is a much simpler way to calculate the cost. After a one-off registration fee of £99, if it takes 8 weeks to agree a sale then 8x £19.99 per week would be an overall cost of £258.92, which has been paid as you go, and therefore leaves no nasty surprises to budget for! Better still, using the example above, the difference in cost is over £4300.


Saving money is simple with Soldboard!


Save Time

It is possible to sell a house quicker through Soldboard.

This is because the saving made by advertising through Soldboard could be reduced from the selling price of the property. The end result is the same financially, but by reducing the advertised price of a property by the projected saving on costs, will almost certainly make the property look more appealing to a buyer, and therefore more likely to sell quicker!



© copyright  Soldboard Ltd. 2012